Visiting Lighthouse Point’s Lookout Cay: A Parent’s Delight

Lucky me—getting one of the first looks at Disney’s brand new Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point! And even though I took this trip sans my two-year-old son, I couldn’t help but see everything with a parent’s eyes. Having spent cherished moments at Castaway Cay, I was eager to compare Disney’s latest private island with its already beloved predecessor.

The first thing that caught my attention was the half-mile trek from the ship to the island. While it’s manageable and the view is pleasant, bringing a foldable stroller is a must if you have little ones. Remember, the tram available on the island requires strollers to be folded up before boarding. Once you reach the Goombay tram stop, complimentary strollers and wagons are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A convenient, thoughtful touch for Disney fans!

Among the island’s amenities, the standout for families were the water play areas. Rush Out Gush Out, situated along the family beach, and Sebastian’s Cove, tailored for younger kids, were impressive. These splash pads are a paradise for little water lovers! My son would undoubtedly spend hours relishing in the cool splashes, having the time of his life.

An unexpected delight was the Junkanoo Parade. Watching Mickey and friends lead this colorful celebration, set to lively Bahamian tunes, was a memorable experience. Opt for viewing it as a parade near the tram stop to best enjoy the vibrant costumes and energetic interactions.

Another great activity was making Junkanoo headpieces at the Goombay Cultural Center. It’s not just a craft session; it’s a cultural immersion that provides a respite from the heat while offering a unique souvenir and an insightful peek into Eleuthera’s rich heritage. These moments truly make Lookout Cay special.

As lunchtime rolled around, True-True BBQ and True-True Too BBQ didn’t disappoint. Serving up a blend of familiar and Bahamian-inspired dishes, there was something for everyone—even the pickiest little eaters. With a two-hour window for lunch service, it’s wise to head over early to avoid missing out.

Despite some initial hiccups, Lookout Cay promises to evolve into a beloved destination. I can’t wait to return with my entire family for a full, fun-filled day. Planning a visit? Connect with a Dreams Unlimited Travel Agent for great booking deals, and don’t forget to share your island adventure stories below!

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