Attention, Disney fans! As the summer heats up, so does your wardrobe with RSVLTS’ latest collection, inspired by the beloved classic, “A Goofy Movie.” This summer, end school with style and hit the road with Goofy for a fashionable adventure.

RSVLTS’ new collection showcases everything you’d expect from the quirky and heartfelt film. The lineup includes four new Kunuflex Button-Down shirts, two Hybrid Shorts, a cozy crewneck, and a matching snapback hat. Each piece captures iconic scenes and characters, ensuring fans will recognize and cherish every detail. Leading the collection is the “Powerline” set, featuring a Button-Down, Hybrid Shorts, crewneck, and snapback, bringing out the standout energy of the movie’s legendary pop star.

But that’s not all! Bobby Zimuruski, Max’s cheesy sidekick, makes a fashionable entrance with the “Chedda Whizzy” themed apparel. Perfect for those aiming for a casual summer vibe, this design showcases Bobby’s unforgettable leaning tower of cheeza. For those reminiscing about Max and Goofy’s heartfelt father-son trip, “The Open Road” design offers a stylish montage of their road trip adventures.

Meanwhile, “The Whole Goofin’ Gang” Button-Down rounds out the collection, featuring a medley of friends, love interests, Bigfoot sightings, and the ever-hilarious Lester’s Possum Park. Whether you’re looking for a single standout piece or an entire themed wardrobe, RSVLTS has made sure there’s something for every Goofy movie fan.

Don’t miss out on reliving one of Disney’s most endearing animated classics in style. Head over to to grab your favorite pieces, available in sizes XS to 4XL in unisex and women’s styles. Get ready to stand out, yet feel a part of the Goofy gang.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection! Share your favorite pieces and how you plan to stand out this summer in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this story with your fellow Disney aficionados!

Source: Tyler Roberts