MNLogo3-0First of all, this is a fan site! That means, I am a HUGE fan of Disney, no I am not obsessed, but I do love Disney. I want to see Disney prosper and continue to grow and be around for my children’s children to be able to love and know some day. I am all for the longevity of Disney as a whole. Being born in the late 60’s, Disney has been a part of my life from day 1. I have fond memories of, “The Wonderful World Of Disney” coming on every Sunday. I would come running from what ever room I was in when I heard the theme music start.

Growing up in California, you would think I would have gone to Disneyland often as a youth, but I didn’t start really going often until the winter or 2000. I went a total of 4 times all the years before then and that was not nearly enough. I have been an Annual Pass Holder since 2002 and have lost count of the trips to Disneyland in the last decade and a half.

This site is a place for other fans of Disney to meet, discuss ideas, exchange tips, share their photos and get news and information about the parks, the Disney company, Disney Music, Disney Interactive, Disney Television, Disney Sports, Disney Parks, Disney Pictures and anything else Disney related. We have set up areas for each park, and in those areas you can find a list of the attractions, dining, entertainment and shopping.

We have a movie section that is just a basic list of some films from Disney Pictures, both past and future releases and it even allows you to rate them and leave comments about them to help others find a movie they will enjoy.

Next, you will find a photo section. This is for posting your photos of the parks you have taken on your trips. The more photos, the better! I don’t know about you, but I never get sick of seeing photos from the parks, it’s the next best thing to being there.

After the photos you will find the columns. This is where you will find some great articles written by the visitors of Mickey News. There is a wide array of columns and articles here from my ramblings, to cast member stories, trip reports, tips for the next time you go to the parks and suggestions for planning your next trip. This section has been a lot of fun and will continue to grow.

The news section is exactly that. You will find news stories that we have written as well as some we have found on the net that relate to Disney. We try and have that updated every day and will do our best to keep it informative for everyone.

History is a very abridged history of Walt Disney and the Disney Company. It will grow as the company ages and there are new tidbits to put in there.

The Disney Friends section is just a list of other Disney related web sites that we have found interesting and fun. We wanted a place to share them with you and this is the spot. If you find a link that is dead, or doesn’t go to where it is supposed to go, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take care of it. I have heard rumors from other webmasters that have had problems with sites being Disney and family oriented one day turning to porn the next, and we don’t want that on this site!

You can also register for our Weekly Newsletter and give us a little information about you in the Register section. The newsletter will have some of the headlines from our site as well as from other noted sources on the internet that we feel are important. We will also let you know about things going on at Mickey News here. We hope you enjoy them and find something informative in them.

Another fun section we have is the Character of the Month! I just love this one. Each month we will pick a new character from Disney and give you a little history of that character and maybe share something you didn’t know about the character. If you have a suggestion for one, please send it in and we will get that character up one of these months.

That about covers what this site is about now for what the site isn’t about!

It isn’t about Destroying the Magic of Disney!
It isn’t about taking all the secrets and sharing them with the world!
It isn’t about trying to get rich on Disney’s coat tails.
It isn’t about selling the secrets or the other treasured items that Disney has given to the cast members.
It isn’t about some evil plot to ruin the image or the public’s perception of Disney, or any current or past board members.

Lastly, why do we have ads and sponsors? Simple, to help cover the costs of this site. There is a hosting charge, and there have been numerous costs involved in creating the site, let alone the coupes amount of time that I have put into its wwwelopment. It would be nice to have a site that will at least support itself as I am not expecting it to support me!

I am sure there are more things that the site isn’t but those are the biggest that I have heard and wanted to make sure people understood what this site was up for and to hopefully clear up a few misconceptions.

I want this site to grow and for everyone who visits it to have a great time and enjoy the magic that only Disney has been able to provide for the last 8 decades.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, criticisms and compliments; I love to hear from the people that share my love of Disney.

Best Wishes,