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Silver Dollar Mast – Did You Know…

Did you know the sailing ship Columbia, in truest nautical fashion, has placed beneath each of her three masts a silver dollar? This is a longtime nautical tradition for sailing ships. Sailors in her time period (1787) were...

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Popcorn Carts – Did You Know…

Ever notice these clever and whimsical little fellas who “work” to keep the popcorn poppin? They have been inside the Popcorn wagons; some for well over 30 years… are the direct creation of the Walt Disney Studios! They are each...

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The Mark Twain – Did you know…

There was a time when beverage service was available on the steamer Mark Twain. Yes!! This was up until the late 60’s. The remnant of this ‘bar’ can still be found on the third deck. There was a broadcast on the Disney Channel...

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Hoops In The Wall – Did You Know…

Did you know why the landscape surrounding the Rivers of America has brick pillars with large iron hoops mounted to them? Well… it is for tying ships to them!! In the renovation for Fantasmic! it was decided to make the most of...

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This Day In Disney History

  • 1938 Mickey Mouse's The Brave Little Tailor released
  • 1949 Goofy Gymnastics released
  • 1980 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad opened at Walt Disney World
  • 1999 The Horizons signs were finally removed from the long-closed EPCOT attraction
  • 2001 Walt Disney: One Man's Dream opened at Disney-MGM Studios