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Silver Dollar Mast – Did You Know…

Did you know the sailing ship Columbia, in truest nautical fashion, has placed beneath each of her three masts a silver dollar? This is a longtime nautical tradition for sailing ships. Sailors in her time period (1787) were...

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Hanoi Hattie – Did You Know…

Did you know that in the 60’s the Jungle Cruise had a boat named Hanoi Hattie? The reason she is no longer named this is because it called the attention of the returning Viet Nam Veterans and they felt it was a bit inflammatory!...

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Frontierland Stockade – Did You Know…

Did you know… that hen the Frontierland Stockade was being constructed, that Walt actually had some of the most qualified help in getting the job done! Guess who! None other than Davy Crockett himself, Fess Parker! And of...

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Real Live Birds – Did You Know…

There are two sweet little birds… no they don’t belong to Cinderella’s entourage, nor Snow White’s tribe… they are actual real live birds… in the Adventureland Bazaar!! They are so cute … two sweet little yellow canaries!! ONE...

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This Day In History

1924 Alice's Spooky Adventure released
1938 The Moth and The Flame (a Silly Symphony) released
1976 Discovery Island (formerly Treasure Island) opened at Walt Disney World
1995 Blizzard Beach opened at Walt Disney World
2000 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril roller coaster changed to be permanently running backwards
2000 Tarzan Encounter stage show began daily performances at Disneyland Paris
2001 Walt Disney World's Dixie Landings became part of the Port Orleans resort
2001 The Main Street Electrical Parade finished it's run at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom