Author: Bill Iadonisi

Walt Disney and DeMolay

Most Disney fans and historians know that Walt Disney was perhaps one of the 20th Centuries most successful and innovative animation and entertainment pioneers. Walt prospered and achieved phenomenal success in conceivably one of the most brutal and competitive business’ around. One had to be somewhat “Worldly” so to speak to succeed. But Walt’s early life and upbringing by his Father Elias and Mother Flora, solid, down-home stoic Midwesterners who installed in Walt, solid work habits, strong religious beliefs, and a belief in simple staples, one would think Walt would turn out to be the naive “Country Boy” from...

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Walt Disney’s Circarama

Walt Disney throughout his amazing career gave the world some of the most innovative animation and filming techniques. Although not to first to utilize sound in cartoons, he elevated the process and perfected it. The multi-plane camera, the first full-color three-strip Technicolor process after several years of two-color Technicolor films for the Silly Symphony short, “Flowers and Trees and storyboarding are just a few of the advances he and his talented workers gave the industry. But perhaps one of the best processes he presented, and somewhat forgotten today, was something we take for granted in our modern world…Circarama! This...

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Cinderella’s Golden Carousel History

I have been a Disney traditionalist my whole life. I love the classic Disney cartoon shorts and feature animations. I know that Walt loved progress and technology, and was frustrated many times because his ideas were beyond the tech science of the day. But as advanced as CG gets, which allows animated toons and movies to jump from the screen, almost as real-live characters, nothing can replace the simple, yet elegant cartoons of the early era. Rubber hose technique, antiquated and dated by today’s standards, makes a Mickey Mouse short what it should be, classic. The same goes for...

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The Seven Dwarfs

Despite the enormous success of the Mickey Mouse shorts, Walt Disney, who always seemed to know when to strike when the iron was hot realized that his famous Mouse was only just filler or an opening act for the main feature in the movies. He knew if his company was to stay a leader in the animation field he would have to come up with something more than just a short subject, no matter how popular. He had been toying for years about a full-length feature film cartoon, but at the time this was unheard of. Cartoons were just...

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Walt Disney and Religion

With all the accomplishments and accolades that Walt Disney had accrued over his amazing lifetime, many never think about how Religion, or even what Religious affiliation Walt subscribed to influenced his remarkable career and life. But Religion did have an enormous effect on Walt, starting from his earliest recollections growing up. His Father Elias was almost always a stern and stoic man, believing in frivolity and hard work. The few times he “let his hair down” so to speak was when he played the violin on social occasions and on Sundays. But the one thing Elias was extremely strict...

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