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Walt Disney and Religion

With all the accomplishments and accolades that Walt Disney had accrued over his amazing lifetime, many never think about how Religion, or even what Religious affiliation Walt subscribed to influenced his remarkable career and life. But Religion did have an enormous effect on Walt, starting from his earliest recollections growing up. His Father Elias was almost always a stern and stoic man, believing in frivolity and hard work. The few times he “let his hair down” so to speak was when he played the violin on social occasions and on Sundays. But the one thing Elias was extremely strict...

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Disneyland’s Liberty Street

As any Disney Fan knows, over the years there have been many planned attractions, shows and lands that were envisioned by Walt, and after his untimely passing, his successors that never came to fruition. Many of these planned lands were Edison Square, International Street, Chinatown and, our current discussion, Liberty Street. The reasons were varied, but perhaps the most famous dream that Walt had for his Disneyland that he never saw was the area called “Liberty Street”. Walt Disney was a true lover of America and its history. Walt once quipped that… “Actually, if you could see close in...

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Disneyana Fan Club’s 2016 Christmas Party

It gets harder and harder for me personally, to be cognizant as to how fast the years seem to race by! I feel as if I am writing last year’s review of our club’s Christmas party. But, alas, another year older and another review! 2016, thanks in part to the historic and incredible Presidential election, ranks up there as one of the most memorable in years. This can also be said of the colossal changes and anticipated new lands and adventures that await Disney fans, as Shanghai Disney resort opened on June 16th, 2016, and with the world awaiting...

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Walt’s Stress Reliever…Polo

One thing that all Disney fans and history buffs agree on is that Walt Disney was one of the industries greatest innovators and storytellers. His amazing ability to garner the best from those who worked for him is legendary. Walt also had an amazing work ethic, most likely gleaned from his stoic father’ hard-scrabbled life and Midwestern values that Elias instilled in him and his brothers, Roy, Herbert, and Raymond. Walt worked tirelessly, and even after achieving major success, he still spent countless hours at his studio, overseeing almost everything. In fact, many will also agree, Walt was a...

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Stitch, whose real name is Genetic Experiment 626, is that ferocious, troublemaking alien that evil genius Dr. Jumba Jookiba created out of the genes of the galaxy’s strongest and most fearsome creatures. Dr. Jookiba is known for his evil genetic experiments and he created Experiment 626 to cause chaos and trouble across the galaxy. Although Jumba was disappointed at first because “Stitch” looked too cute, he continued to finish the experiment by charging Stitch’s molecules, but before he completed the job, he and his creation was captured by Officers of the Galactic Federation. Experiment “626” was then sentenced to...

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