I have just returned from an invitation-only preview of Disney’s most anticipated new Land and attractions, Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge on the Planet Batuu. We were allowed four hours to inspect, admire and partake in one of the most jaw-dropping Lands yet in Walt Disney World. Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge bowed on May 31st, and Walt Disney World is slated to premiere on August 29th, 2019. For that entire time, I could just stare and smile, there were a thousand things I wanted to say, and for the first time, I was speechless! The sensory overload was just too much. I am afraid that the Imagineers has lifted the bar so high this time, even they may have trouble eclipsing it.

From Savi’s workshop to Oga’s Cantina, The Market, The Resistance Supply, Dok-Ondar’s Den of antiquities and everything in between, this is the ultimate in Disney Storytelling and imersiveness. When you first enter, you will be continually turning your head back and forth, there is so much to see. Try to avoid this, and slowly absorb the intricate and fascinating details in EVERYTHING in this land. The Imagineers left not one stone unturned. This land is as detailed and story perfect as Animal Kingdoms’ Pandora, the World of Avatar. As you walk this Black Spire Outpost, with Storm Troopers walking around, the Millennium Falcon docked in the background, and all the sights and sounds around you, you are on the planet Batuu. You cannot believe that any moment something is about to happen, and you will be right in the middle of everything!

The only attraction open this day was The Millennium Falcon, Smugglers Run. Slated to open soon is the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. We rode the Millennium Falcon three times. This attraction is similar to Mission Space in EPCOT. There are six positions in the cockpit of the Falcon…two pilots, engineers and gunners, and like Mission Space, each has their own tasks to perform. That is where the similarity ends. This attraction is so much more immersive, and of course, the technology is much more advanced. Needless to say, I liked the job of gunner the best. You have to blow away all the obstacles so you can complete the mission!

We loved Oga’s Cantina! Now, remember, this is not the Mos Eisley Cantina in the Port of Mos Eisley on planet Tatooine in the first Star Wars, A New Hope. You will not see that intergalactic band, but you will see the DJ R-3X (You will remember him as Captain Rex, again voiced by actor Paul Reubens) playing all your favorite Eighties synth-pop vibe tunes. There are Alcoholic and non-alcoholic offerings here. Again, take your time and observe all the amazing details and sights in the bar.

Until the land official opens, and I can spend the whole day (Probably 3 days!) I will wait until I formulate a complete impression of this New Land. But I have taken a nice group of pics for your enjoyment. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I hope these will inspire you to make plans to join the resistance on Batuu and fight the First Order…