We are currently trying to fill the following positions:

Park Reporters

Disneyland Resort Reporter
Walt Disney World Resort Reporter
Disneyland Resort Paris Reporter
Tokyo Disneyland Resort Reporter
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Reporter
Shanghai Disney Resort

Duties – Must be at the park at least once a week to write stories on current goings on at the park, take photos and get breaking news.


Movie Reviewers

Duties – Write reviews on the latest Disney Movies as well as classic Disney movies from Buena Vista Pictures, Miramax, Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Home Entertainment.


Disney Television Reporter

Duties – Write news stories on the latest news from all of the Disney Television brands. Reviews of current shows, news on upcoming shows and general news regarding Disney Television around the world.


Disney Records Reporter

Duties – Review all the latest CD’s released by Walt Disney Records and any special events from Walt Disney Records and upcoming news.


The Walt Disney Internet Group Reporter

Duties – Cover all the news about Disney’s online offerings around the world. Review online games and services.


Disney Consumer Products Reporter

Duties – Cover all the news from Consumer Products as well as review the latest products.


Radio Disney Reporter

Duties – Report the news about Radio Disney as well as upcoming events.



Duties – Love to talk about Disney? Perhaps you love to give people tips on the best dining locations at the parks, the best place to view the latest parade? If you enjoy sharing your love for all things Disney then maybe you need your own column on Mickey News?  We would love to talk about your ideas and if you are willing, and able, create a column just for your stories. Reach out and let’s talk.


These are currently, non-paid just for the fun of it jobs but could convert to paid positions in the future.

We need people to write up stories about all the parks, write reviews of current and upcoming movies and television shows from Disney. People that love to go to the various Disney theme parks and take pictures, describe rides, relate suggestions to viewers, make contacts with current and past Disney cast members for insider information as well as share their home movies and photographs on the site.

We are open to any and all suggestions. If you just want to focus on one area of Disney, for example, one ride that you love above all the others, we can set you up to cover just that aspect of Disney. The company is diverse enough to allow this with no problems at all. My favorite ride at Disneyland in California has to be Splash Mountain, so you can bet I will focus a lot of my attention there as an example.

Send us your ideas and your thoughts and I am sure we can put something together.