General Linking Information

If you have a Disney related website and would like to link to MickeyNews.Com, you may feel free to do so without obtaining prior permission. You may link to the front page ( or any interior page you want to. However, we do ask that you not link directly to pictures, but you may link to the page that contains the pictures.

Mickey News Friend
All Disney sites are eligible to be included in our Mickey News Friends Directory whether or not you link back to us. If you’re site is not in the directory, please submit it and we’ll add it as soon as possible. Sites also have the option of becoming a MickeyNews.Com Friend Site. Mickey News Friend Sites get preferential placement in the website directory earning you more hits. To become a Friend Site, all you need to do is place the banner below somewhere on your front page and have it link to the main page of MickeyNews.Com. Once you’ve done this, send us an email and we’ll mark your site as a Friend Site in the website directory.

You may resize the logo, change the background color or add a border to make it better fit in your site. However, we ask that you not make any other changes. You may either link to the logo directly off our server or put a copy of the logo on your own server.