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Are you crazy?

Yes. Certifiably! I’m 41, a dude, a dad, and I live 750 miles from Walt Disney World. Oh, and I’m about to take my 5 1/2 year old to WDW for the third time by myself! Told you I was crazy. Although, maybe a better word is passionate. I’ve discovered something about myself in these 41 short years, experiences trump things, every time. Disney creates experiences better than anyone, and it draws us like a moth to a flame. So, how do we make it happen? We are budget travelers all the way! Mainly so we can go more...

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The Jungle Book – Review

When I first saw the trailer for Disney’s The Jungle Book I was bummed that I couldn’t take our 5year old to see it.  Way too scary I thought! As the reviews trickled out, it looked to be a hit. I dug a little deeper and began to think well, maybe, just maybe she can!  I showed her a couple of trailers and asked what she thought.  Of course she loved them but I had to ask the question, does it look scary?  After watching them a couple of times, she had convinced herself that we had to go...

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