Month: January 2015

Einstok White Ale-Now at Norway’s Pavilion

Beer is perhaps one of mankind’s oldest fermented beverages. Sometimes called natures “Perfect Food”, beer has been documented as far back as the 5th millennium BC. Beer is produced from cereals containing sugars, and as ancient man advanced from hunter-gathers to farmers and herdsman and domesticated cereal, the popular beverage began its long history. But the ancient beer did not ape the product we all know today. In the beginning it was more of a gruel, very thick and sweet. It took many thousands of years of trial and error for it to resemble the drink we know today....

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World Chapter of Disneyana Fan Club donates $10,000 to Florida Hospital

Walt Disney from the beginning has always made it a practice to give back to the community. As far back and 1948, the Disney Company designed the Logo for the “Toys for Tots” program. After his death, the Disney Company continues to give back to the community it serves in many ways. And like Walt Disney Company, the World Chapter branch of the Disneyana fan club continues in this worthy tradition of giving back and making the world a bit better place to live in. On January 13th, the club donated a check of $10,000 dollars to the Walt...

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This Day In History

  • 1930 Wild Waves (starring Mickey & Minnie) released
  • 1952 Let’s Stick Together (starring Donald) released
  • 2000 The Lion King stage show opened in Toronto
  • 2000 The Walt Disney World Marching band disbanded
  • 2003 It Runs In The Family released

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