Month: April 2015

Roy Williams, “The Big Mooseketeer”

There is perhaps no name on earth that when invoked can release a flood of emotions and memories then that of Walter Elias Disney. Ask anyone what Disney means to them, and the majority will say…Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, and for most today, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Cruise lines and Time shares. But to anyone lucky enough to be a member of the “Baby Boomer” crowd, the Mickey Mouse Club will command center stage. This children’s variety show was Walt’s second foray into a television series, the first being “Disneyland” later retitled the “Walt Disney anthology television series”. Both...

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Walt Disney’s “Flowers and Trees”

ll Disney fans and historians know that Walt Disney had made more innovations and firsts in animation than most. Walt was above nothing else, an innovator, dreamer and many consider him a seer, who seemed to know what would work, amid all his naysayers, including his own partner and brother Roy and wife, Lillian. Walt and his team’s contributions to animation and the film industry are still heralded today. The first that comes to mind is “Steamboat Willie” the first synchronized sound cartoon. However, it was not the first. The first publicly shown sound-on-film cartoon was an animated short...

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Walt’s Quotes

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This Day In History

  • 1930 Wild Waves (starring Mickey & Minnie) released
  • 1952 Let’s Stick Together (starring Donald) released
  • 2000 The Lion King stage show opened in Toronto
  • 2000 The Walt Disney World Marching band disbanded
  • 2003 It Runs In The Family released

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