Month: June 2015

The Great Movie Ride-Now Re-opened…

Ever since the announcement last November that the iconic network, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and the Disney Company were teaming up in a joint effort to showcase classic Hollywood films for family entertainment and that TCM would be a major part of the refurbishment of Disney’s Hollywood Studios “The Great Movie Ride” Disney fans worldwide were anxiously awaiting how this “Classic” attraction would turn out. All Disney fans know that Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Formally Disney MGM Studios) represents Hollywood’s “Golden Age” from the 1930’s to Late 1940’s. And the Great Movie Ride showcases some of Hollywood’s classic blockbuster films...

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China Pavilion…

China is the world’s second largest country (Area wise). The country was originally inhabited by early humans between 250,000 and 2.24 million years ago. The beginning of the “Dynasty’s” or ruling emperors according to Chinese tradition was the first dynasty of Xia, which emerged around 2100 BCE.

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Walt’s Quotes

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This Day In History

  • 1930 Wild Waves (starring Mickey & Minnie) released
  • 1952 Let’s Stick Together (starring Donald) released
  • 2000 The Lion King stage show opened in Toronto
  • 2000 The Walt Disney World Marching band disbanded
  • 2003 It Runs In The Family released

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