Ahoy there, Disney fans!

Every year on May 18th, the Disney Cruise Line sets sail in celebration of International Day for Women in Maritime! This special day honors the exceptional contributions of women navigating the high seas—not only as crew but also as trailblazing leaders in the maritime industry. Here at Disney, we are proud to see so many empowering women steering our ships toward magical adventures.

Today, let’s meet two remarkable women who are making waves on the engineering teams aboard our beloved ships. Sara, a second engineer on the Disney Fantasy, and Marta, a third engineer on the Disney Dream, opened up about their inspiring careers and why they believe every woman should consider a voyage into maritime.

**Life Under the Deck**

Sara, originally from a charming coastal village in northern Italy, is the engine room’s heartbeat on the Disney Fantasy. As a second engineer, she juggles everything from overseeing the vessel’s mechanical systems to ensuring safety and environmental regulations are met. “The ocean has always been a part of my life,” Sara said with a warm smile. “Working for Disney Cruise Line isn’t just a job; it’s about creating magical experiences every day, both for our guests and for us as crew members.”

Marta, hailing from Poland, sails the Disney Dream’s waters with a love for travel and engineering. “Joining Disney Cruise Line allowed me to blend my passion for exploring new places with my career,” she enthused. “From the moment I stepped aboard, I felt included and part of a team. The opportunities to grow here are endless and inclusive.”

**Charting New Courses**

Both Sara and Marta are enthusiastic about encouraging other women to join them in the maritime field. Sara’s advice? “Believe in yourself and your abilities. Don’t let traditional gender roles hold you back. Seek mentors, embrace your unique perspectives, and remember—diversity drives innovation!” Marta echoed these sentiments, adding, “Dream big and work hard. The maritime industry is ready for more incredible women to join its ranks.”

**Setting Sail for Success**

When it comes to what it takes to thrive in their roles, Sara and Marta agree on the essentials: technical prowess, leadership, adaptability, and a commitment to safety. “Continuous learning and effective communication are key,” Sara emphasized. “Leadership is about motivating your crew and staying calm under pressure.”

As we honor International Day for Women in Maritime, we want to hear from you! Are you inspired by Sara and Marta’s journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family. Fair winds and following seas, Disney adventurers!

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