Incredible experiences await your children as we bring more character interactions than ever before to the Oceaneer Club on the Disney Wonder. Here are just some of the ways our brand-new spaces will transport young cruisers to the world of brave super heroes, endearing princesses, fanciful toys and more…

Marvel Super Hero Academy

Marvel Super Hero Academy: Spider-Man’s Web-Warriors 101
Hosted by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, this special training course teaches future Super Heroes to hone their reflexes, speed and minds – just like Spider-Man. Kids create their own masks, test their wits through “spider-sense” training and learn how to climb just like Spidey. After the training, Spider-Man declares the kids Web-Warriors.

Frozen Adventures : A Royal Frozen Coronation with Anna and Elsa
Frozen Adventures: A Royal Frozen Coronation with Anna and Elsa
It’s Coronation Day! To get ready, children learn the rules and responsibilities of royalty and make their own crown. Then they play a role in acting out a story set in Arendelle. Once the kids are truly prepared for their coronation, Anna and Elsa arrive to join the fun and lead the ceremony. The royal sisters spend time with each of the children, who all receive an official coronation certificate.

Club Disney Junior: Sofia the First Magical Storytelling
This enchanting activity is hosted by some of Cedric the Sorcerer’s apprentices. The kids will design their own sorcerer hats and learn how to properly wave their wands and cast spells. To make the lesson even more fun, the kids act out one of Sofia’s adventures. In the end, Sofia appears to congratulate the children on their work and take a photo with them.

Andy’s Room: Woody’s Roundup
Andy’s Room: Woody’s Roundup
The adventures of “Toy Story” come to life for children when they enter the world of Woody with this cowboy-themed activity. With inspiration from “Woody’s Roundup” playing on the larger-than-life television screen, kids learn how to walk and talk like a cowboy before acting out an episode together. Next up, they learn how to line dance, just in time for Woody and Jessie to arrive and join everyone in a hoedown.

We have more to tell you about the exciting spaces and experiences debuting on the Disney Wonder in November. Keep following along for a first look!