This month, I’m putting the spotlight on some of the countries we visit during our summer in Europe. The Disney Magic returns to Europe in May, starting with a season in the Mediterranean, followed by cruises to northern Europe, Norway, and Iceland. Last week I gave you a glimpse of destinations in Italy, and today I’ll give you a preview of places we visit in France.

A gorgeous locale in southern France, Marseilles is the second largest city in France and one of the country’s oldest cities. Marseilles is home to many historic landmarks and monuments and is also a vibrant cultural center with a robust collection of theatres, opera houses, and museums. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy fresh seafood at the Vieux Port (Old Port).

Cannes and Villefranche
Our Mediterranean cruises visit Cannes or Villefranche, enchanting seaside towns on the French Riviera. Cannes is revered as one of the most famed cities in all Europe with sweeping marina views, exquisite restaurants, and luxury shopping, while Villefranche is beloved for its almost perfectly preserved medieval city. These popular destinations are also gateways to the world-famous Monte Carlo and Nice.

Situated northeast of Paris in the Normandy region, Cherbourg boasts spectacular sea vistas and a massive sea wall that rims the harbor and the star-shaped fortress that guards it. You can journey to the beaches of Normandy where the famous Normandy invasion took place in WWII or visit the gorgeous Mont Saint-Michel Cathedral on a rocky tidal island off the shore of Cherbourg.

Next week I’ll show you the vibrant locales you can visit in Spain on a Disney cruise this summer.