Attention Disney Cruise Line enthusiasts! We’ve got exhilarating news for you, especially if you plan to embark on the upcoming majestic voyages of the Disney Treasure!

Did you know that setting sail with any Disney Cruise Line ship makes you a member of the prestigious Castaway Club? This exclusive club recognizes your loyalty and is about to shower you with a bounty of free gifts if you cruise on the Disney Treasure during its inaugural season, starting December 2024. That’s right, all you have to do is choose one of the thrilling 7-night cruises to the Eastern or Western Caribbean, and the treats will come sailing toward you.

The award tiers of the Castaway Club extend from Silver (1 cruise) to the elite Pearl (25 cruises), and each tier brings its own treasure chest of goodies:
– **Silver Members** will set sail with a stylish Sea Bag (backpack).
– **Gold Members** enjoy the Sea Bag, plus a nifty wet-dry bag.
– **Platinum Members** get the Sea Bag, wet-dry bag, and a plush beach towel complete with game pucks for endless fun.
– **Pearl Members** receive all the previously mentioned treasures along with a premium travel accessory bag.

This lineup of exclusive gifts includes a Disney Treasure shirt, a charming pouch, a whimsical lunchbox, cool stickers, and more delightful sailing swag. The Castaway Club recently notified its members through a delightful video and email about these epic gifts awaiting them.

Intrigued about Disney’s newest treasure on the high seas? Stay tuned right here at Mickey News for all the latest updates as we get closer to the magical launch. We’re just as excited as you are to uncover all the wonders the Disney Treasure has to offer!

Are you a proud Castaway Club Member planning to explore the new Disney Treasure? Share your thoughts and excitement in the comments below, and don’t forget to spread this news with fellow Disney cruise fans!

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