Ahoy, Disney Cruise fans! Exciting news just came to us from the world of Disney Cruise Line. The much-anticipated Disney Adventure is setting its sights on the seas with newfound charm, featuring captivating bow art that’s sure to make waves! Anchored in adventure, this ship will begin its journey sailing from Singapore in 2025.

The new bow art showcases Captain Mickey in all his nautical glory, encased in a gleaming medallion surrounded by intricate golden filigree. If you look closely, you’ll find silhouettes of Mickey and his friends subtly woven into the design, adding that touch of magic we all adore.

This reveal is monumental for Disney as it marks the first time a Disney Cruise Line ship will set sail from Singapore, exploring the magical waters of Southeast Asia. The Disney Adventure is a former ship, known as the Global Dream, which Disney purchased and transformed into a vessel of dreams and fairy tales.

Fans can catch the full reveal on the Disney Cruise Line Instagram, and trust us, the visuals are stunning! As we gear up for this spectacular launch, let’s not forget another gem on the horizon – the Disney Treasure, setting sail this winter with Captain Minnie adorning its bow.

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For a peek at the beautiful bow art and more, head over to the Disney Cruise Line Instagram.

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