Ahoy, Disney Cruise Line fans! We’ve got some enchanting yet essential updates straight from the high seas, and it’s definitely something every Disney cruiser should be aware of. In light of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) efforts to safeguard our oceans, Disney Cruise Line is making some thoughtful tweaks to its Mediterranean itineraries for the summer of 2025. For voyages between May 24 and July 31, 2025, certain beloved stops are getting a magical shuffle.

Why the change, you ask? This treasured slice of the Mediterranean has been designated a Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA), an important move to protect marine life, including our oceanic friends like whales. To comply, ships must adjust their speeds to safer levels ranging between 10 and 13 knots, reducing risks to wildlife.

Disney Cruise Line, ever the responsible and magical travel partner, has stepped up to honor this ruling. For instance, the itinerary for the Disney Dream will see a change in its regular stop in Toulon, France, which will be replaced by a visit to the stunning city of Palermo, Italy. Other voyages may experience a slight shuffle in their order of destinations to align with the new, environmentally-friendly sailing speeds.

Disney assures passengers that these changes are made with the utmost consideration for the environment and guest experience. “While the Disney Dream is sailing in the PSSA, the ship will reduce its speed to comply with the IMO’s recommendation and help protect the local whale population,” reads an official statement. These adjustments are not just about adhering to the rules; they’re about respect for our planet and its inhabitants.

As always, Disney Cruise Line promises to deliver a magical and memorable experience, even with these new, greener sailing routes. Have you experienced itinerary changes on your Disney cruises, and how did it affect your adventure? Share your stories and thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to spread the word about this important update. Happy sailing, and here’s to protecting our beautiful oceans together!

For the original scoop, check out the full article from the Daily Express [link to source].

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