The Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago recently celebrated a highly successful Disney Cruise Line Recruitment Drive, which took place at Queen’s Hall, Port of Spain on May 15th and 16th. The Ministry played a pivotal role, offering its support through venue provision, corporate communications, and various logistical arrangements, showcasing its dedication to fostering opportunities within the cruise industry.

Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited, the local recruitment agent, was instrumental in the process. They expertly shortlisted candidates for roles in Food and Beverage, Guest Services, Galley Jobs, Lifeguards, and Culinary from a pool of thousands of applicants. Over a two-week advertisement period in local newspapers and digital media, around 5,000 nationals expressed interest. Out of these, 150 were selected for pre-screening, eventually narrowing down to 80 who were invited for in-person interviews. Impressively, over 90% of these candidates will receive letters of intent to join Disney Cruise Line.

Senator the Honourable Randall Mitchell, Minister of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts, expressed his pride in the initiative, noting its positive impact on Trinidad and Tobago’s cruise season. He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in allowing citizens to showcase their skills and culture while earning on a global stage. Mitchell also commended the efforts of Disney Cruise Line and Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited for providing professional development opportunities for locals.

According to Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited, Disney Cruise Line was thoroughly impressed with the caliber of candidates and the smooth coordination of the recruitment process. This initiative has indeed set a high benchmark and paved the way for similar future opportunities, not just with Disney, but with other prominent cruise lines as well.

Looking ahead, Minister Mitchell is optimistic about ongoing discussions with Disney Cruise Line and other industry leaders for more recruitment drives in Trinidad and Tobago. Echoing this sentiment, he encouraged nationals to seize these opportunities to enhance their skills and represent Trinidad and Tobago’s human capital and culture globally.

Successful candidates will receive official emails from Disney Cruise Line, confirming their acceptance, along with further instructions for completing medicals, visas, and other necessary documentation. For those who weren’t successful this time, the Ministry aims to provide guidance and training to enhance their prospects for future opportunities.

This strategic initiative aligns with the National Tourism Policy 2021-2030, reaffirming Trinidad and Tobago’s commitment to establishing itself as a premier destination. The Ministry is dedicated to fostering local and international partnerships that create meaningful employment and developmental opportunities for the nation.

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