Exciting news from Trinidad and Tobago! Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Randall Mitchell recently celebrated the success of a Disney Cruise Line Recruitment Drive that saw over 5,000 eager applicants, with 150 making the initial shortlist.

This recruitment process, managed by Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited, involved a rigorous registration and pre-screening of e-applications submitted by the nationals. Following this intensive selection process, 150 candidates were further evaluated, out of which 80 talented individuals were chosen to attend in-person interviews at Queen’s Hall over two days.

The impressive turnout and the high calibre of applicants left Disney Cruise Line absolutely “blown away.” Their recruiters praised the outstanding coordination and professionalism displayed by the Ministry and Meridian Recruitment Agency. The successful drive didn’t just satisfy the immediate needs of Disney Cruise Line but also showcased Trinidad and Tobago’s potential as a key player in future regional recruitment initiatives.

Minister Mitchell emphasized the significance of this event, calling it a “major win” for Trinidad and Tobago. He highlighted that this successful collaboration would pave the way for continued productive discussions with Disney Cruise Line and other cruise lines, building on the fruitful recruitment drives by MSC Cruises in 2023 and Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) in 2022.

Mitchell also took the opportunity to encourage nationals to seize these employment opportunities, underlining the importance of showcasing Trinidad and Tobago’s human capital and rich culture on a global stage. The Ministry remains committed to promoting the country as a premier destination, aligning with the objectives of the National Tourism Policy.

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