Discovering the culinary delights of Disney’s new private island retreat, Lookout Cay, is an adventure worth savoring! Our recent visit onboard the prestigious Disney Magic took us to this tropical paradise where the new dining experiences certainly made waves. However, the show was almost stolen by an unexpected cast – flies buzzing around the food. Despite this minor hitch, the quality of the meals more than made up for it.

On Lookout Cay, just like its sibling Castaway Cay, lunch spots are aplenty, featuring True-True BBQ, True-True Too BBQ, and Serenity Bay BBQ for adults only. The proximity of these venues makes exploring each menu an easy feat, though, spoiler alert, they share the same offerings. The beachside BBQ experience includes juicy burgers and delectable fish options along with sides like fresh fruit, potato salad, and a range of vibrant salads that add a refreshing twist to your meal.

Venturing into the seafood spectrum, the Bahamian-style lime and ginger marinated snapper and grilled salmon with pineapple salsa are sure to impress, reminiscent of flavors from Castaway Cay but with a twist. Complemented by sides such as yucca fries, pickled vegetables, and grilled corn, each bite is a blend of texture and taste that sets Lookout Cay apart.

What truly stood out were the unique dishes – fried plantains, okra, and Bahamian pigeon peas and rice, available with seafood or chicken. These offerings brought a delightful change from the typical BBQ and shipboard menus, making our taste buds dance with joy. Not to forget, the vegetarian corner at each spot, ensuring that everyone has something delicious to enjoy.

The Serenity Bay BBQ area, though smaller than its Castaway counterpart, offers a cozy retreat for adults. While it may lack some of the charm, the overall ambiance at Lookout Cay feels akin to a well-thought-out theme park. Covered and shaded seating areas, adorned with artistic canopies inspired by Eleuthera’s nature, offer the perfect respite to enjoy your meal and the scenic beauty.

As this was part of a special preview cruise, there were a few kinks, no doubt due to the newness of the experience for both crew and guests. But don’t let that deter you! The stunning views and delightful menu at Lookout Cay promise a fantastic addition to any Disney cruise itinerary.

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