Once again we’re immersing families in the splendor and charm of Norway this summer and next. As I’m sure you know, the Norwegian fjords served as the inspiration and backdrop for the animated hit “Frozen,” and it’s no wonder why.

Here, you will discover breathtaking natural wonders such as magnificent mountain ranges, massive glaciers, steaming geysers and majestic fjords. The enchanting Scandinavian culture of the region comes to life through local attractions, stunning architecture, storybook villages and historic city centers, all of which you can explore with a dash of pixie dust on our Port Adventures. Here’s a sampling…

Sunnmøre Village, Norway – A Celebration with Anna, Elsa & Kristoff – Only Disney guests are invited to revel in an exclusive Norwegian summer celebration at the Sunnmøre Open Air Museum where the festivities culminate in the grand arrival of the beloved sisters, Anna and Elsa, and their ice-loving companion, Kristoff. After being personally greeted by “Frozen” friends, and surrounded by the idyllic beauty of Norway, you’ll dance to local musicians and sample tasty Norwegian specialties, including svele, a traditional sweet pancake from the region.

Viking Village Experience & Giske Church – Another Disney-exclusive adventure includes a quest to a Viking village on the island of Giske, where you’ll head back in history to meet the village chieftain and experience the Viking world. Adventurers find themselves in the middle of daily Viking life and mingle with members of the Norse families, experiencing first-hand the traditions, authentic food and games that come with being a Viking. You’ll also learn traditional Viking handiwork and put it to practice by crafting your own leather bags.

Gjaera Mountain Farm Featuring Exclusive Youth Activity – From the port of Geiranger, the crowning jewel of the Norwegian fjords, comes yet another experience exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests – a visit to the Gjaera Mountain Farm where a local family provides an up-close look at daily life. Children join Disney Cruise Line youth counselors to create one-of-a-kind decorative pillows in the farm’s printing studio using handmade wooden stamps that have been passed down through the family’s many generations. Meanwhile, adults explore the farm and its microbrewery, sampling fresh brews. After building up an appetite, everyone reunites for a taste of traditional Norwegian foods produced at the farm including juices, breads, creams and cured meats.

Herdalsetra Mountain Farm – Another journey in Geiranger brings you to the Herdalsetra Mountain Farm, where on the way to a nearby scenic valley you’ll enjoy a spectacular view of the Geirangerfjord and the Seven Sisters waterfall made famous in Norwegian folklore. Your family will tour the enchanting farm brimming with 30 farmhouses and more than 450 sprightly goats scampering around the property. You can also sample the farm’s fresh cheeses including Norway’s famous brown cheese – similar to sweet fudge.

In just a few weeks, the Disney Magic will set sail for a transatlantic voyage to kick off our summer in Europe. If you’re joining us, remember, when the ship’s in port, venture ashore!