Pirate Night is one of the most talked about highlights of a Disney cruise, and why wouldn’t it be when you can don your swashbuckling garb, speak in yer best pirate slang and greet everyone with a hearty “argh!” Oh, and there’s the fact that we plan incredible fun your entire family will enjoy!

One thing Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” films have shown us is there’s no shortage of adventure on the high seas. In honor of the upcoming release of “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which premieres May 26 in theaters on land and onboard our ships, I wanted to share with you five ways you can prepare your pirate crew for the adventures ahead on your Disney cruise.


1. Confirm your pirate identity. Over family dinner before your cruise, choose names, establish personalities and decide whether you’re a buccaneer or a scallywag. Then you’ll need to shop for fitting pirate costumes and learn to speak the right lingo so you can dive into character once onboard. To complete your transformation, make plans to get a makeover at Pirates League on the ship before the Pirate Night festivities get underway.

2. Plan your plunder. With so much to do on a Disney cruise, especially on Pirate Night, the best crew will know their plan of attack ahead of time. Kids, make a list of which Disney characters dressed in pirate garb you want to meet. And mom and dad, decide how you’ll party like a pirate while your little ones are hanging out in the youth club after the fireworks spectacular.

3. Learn a bounty of pirate trivia. Get ready for an action-packed competition with other families during our “Pirate’s Life For Me” game show, complete with pirate props, rollicking music and “Yo ho, yo ho” fun. Only the pirate savvy will survive!

4. Practice your best moves. While dancing at the “Pirates IN the Caribbean” deck party isn’t required of all first mates, you’ll want to make the Captain happy (Captain Mickey, that is) by joining the fun. So sharpen yer swashbucklin’ dance skills and be prepared to show ‘em off!

5. Walk the plank. Once your crew is prepared for the adventures ahead, ye be no longer a landlubber—ye be a pirate ready to find your treasure! From the moment you embark on your Disney cruise vacation, you’ll find new meaning to the word “treasure” when you make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

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