Whether it’s dreaming up the magic or rehearsing intricate musical numbers, it takes a whole lot of pixie dust to bring an elaborate production from concept to reality on the high seas!

Once the show is ready to set sail, the scenery, costumes and props are loaded onto the ship and installed in the Walt Disney Theatre. Fitting magical flying carpets, life-size horses and entire ice palaces inside a cruise ship is no easy feat.

While the installation takes place, the cast polishes performances in final rehearsals – for the first time on the actual theater stage. Technical elements such as music, lighting and special effects are layered in during this time as well. From the snow flurries of “Frozen,” to the enchanted objects of “Beauty and the Beast,” to the spellbinding floating lanterns in “Tangled,” guests can step into the magic and become a part of these treasured stories.

Then, it’s show time! At the end of a long journey of hard work, preparation and pixie dust, the curtain rises at the Walt Disney Theatre to bring beloved Disney stories and original productions to life exclusively for you! These dazzling spectacles are a beautiful blend of theater craft, technology and old-fashioned storytelling that deliver captivating and heartfelt entertainment like only Disney can do.

Right now, the cast of our newest production, “Beauty and the Beast,” are onboard the Disney Dream getting ready debut the show. The musical premieres during the Disney Dream voyage departing Nov. 6, 2017, joining an incredible lineup of Broadway-style stage productions aboard the ship, including “The Golden Mickeys” and “Disney’s Believe.” Once again, we’re bringing you entertainment like only Disney can do.

I hope you enjoyed this look at how we take an idea from script to stage, and I’ll see you in the front row of the Walt Disney Theatre!