Imagine the magic of Disney unfurling its wings at Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Disney Cruise Line’s dazzling new haven on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. More and more passengers are docking at this vibrant stop, immersing themselves in an oasis interwoven with splendid cultural tapestries, notably the vivid junkanoo festival—a carnival of colors, dance, and joy that epitomizes Caribbean celebration.

Among the intriguing surprises of Lookout Cay is the modest yet poignant lighthouse at the end of the nature trail. It’s not the towering sentinel seen on northern coasts, but Bradley Watson, Disney’s conservation program manager, enlightens us on its significance. “Given the flat terrains of the Bahamas, the lighthouse is shorter, built in the modern era, and serves as a nod to the region’s rich cultural heritage.” This navigational aid marks a shoreline safeguarded by fringing reefs, which have historically made boat entry challenging, a detail that adds layers to the island’s maritime tapestry.

Now, let’s talk about some sartorial delight! Disney, in partnership with Bahamian fashion maven Theodore Elyett, has conjured new wardrobe magic for Mickey, Minnie, and friends. Elyett’s designs burst with bold prints and island vibes, making characters parade-ready for “Rush! A Junkanoo Celebration.” Spotting Mickey in board shorts adorned with conch shells and Minnie with her raffia polka dots bow-turban is a visual treat. Elyett explains, “I wanted these designs to reflect our Bahamian identity, showcasing the beauty of junkanoo in a way that captivates the world.”

Disney has also seamlessly embedded local culture into merchandise at Disney T’ings, the resort’s signature store. Guests can find souvenirs incorporating junkanoo-inspired motifs, sustaining the ambiance beyond their stay. The logo, like a Mickey ear adorned with traditional festival flair, pops on tees and accessories, offering a stylish keepsake of their island adventure.

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For the original source and more photos, check out the complete feature at the Orlando Sentinel.