Hey there, Disney Cruise Line fans! If you’re planning a magical journey on the Disney Fantasy in 2025, here’s some enchanted news you might want to know about. Disney Cruise Line recently announced adjustments to five European itineraries for the Disney Fantasy, and we’re here to give you the scoop.

Due to the North-West Mediterranean Sea being designated as a Particular Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Disney has voluntarily reduced the ship’s speed to help protect the local marine environment. This means some ports have been swapped or removed entirely to accommodate the revised schedule while keeping the safety of the sea life a top priority.

The first impacted voyage kicks off on May 25, 2025, from Barcelona, replacing a visit to Toulon, France, with Palermo, Italy. Another highlight is a sailing starting on June 30, 2025, from Rome, which now wraps up in Barcelona with a visit to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, instead of Naples, Italy. From July 12, 2025, another cruise departing from Barcelona switches out Cannes, France, for Palermo, Italy, ensuring guests still have a delightful adventure.

A round-trip voyage out of Barcelona on July 19, 2025, initially packed with port stops, now features an extra day at sea, giving guests more time to enjoy the onboard Disney magic. Lastly, the 7-night Western European cruise beginning July 24, 2025, from Barcelona to Southampton, UK, will enjoy an extra sea day, skipping Cartagena, Spain.

Disney’s proactive approach in complying with IMO’s speed reduction aims to protect the ecological and socio-economic environment of this Mediterranean region, ensuring the safety of not just the whales but all marine life. This blend of environmental stewardship with Disney’s signature enchantment is sure to make for a memorable journey.

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