The Haunted Mansion: where doorless chambers creak and eerie sounds echo through the halls. For me, it wasn’t just an attraction—I lived it as a Haunted Mansion maid at Disney World. This experience deepened my love for the iconic ride, so imagine my excitement when I discovered the Disney Treasure ship will feature a Haunted Mansion-themed lounge!

While Disney Imagineers are doing a fantastic job in ensuring the new Haunted Mansion Parlor is an ode to the classic attraction, I’ve got a few ideas that could make it even spookier. Already, they’ve promised exciting elements like the Hitchhiking Ghosts, the iconic wallpaper, and that unforgettable purple armchair. But here are some additional details I’d love to see:

First, Lucifer, the black raven from the conservatory scene where a casket-bound figure begs to be let out. Cast Members greet Lucifer every morning, and if they don’t, mysterious things occur. This eerie raven could perfectly perch somewhere in the lounge, ensuring a chilling ambiance.

Let’s not forget “Grim Grinning Ghosts.” Throughout the Haunted Mansion ride, you’ll hear different versions of this iconic song. I’m crossing my fingers for a unique sea shanty rendition of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” to serenade guests at the parlor.

Constance Hatchaway’s wedding ring in the queue area outside the Mansion is a subtle detail true fans cherish. Since the lounge’s ghostly host is another of Constance’s victims, why not hide another wedding ring within the parlor, perhaps subtly embedded in the bar?

And who could forget the singing busts in the graveyard scene? A quartet of sailor busts welcoming guests with haunting sea songs would be a delightful, interactive feature perfect for the lounge.

So, Disney enthusiasts, as the Disney Treasure sets sail this December with its first-ever Haunted Mansion Parlor, what spooky elements would you add to make it truly enchanting? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Remember to stay tuned for more thrilling Disney updates and speculation you won’t want to miss.