Ahoy, Disney Cruise Line fans! Exciting news has surfaced about the exclusive gifts that will be available to Castaway Club members during the Disney Treasure’s inaugural sailings. This sneak peek will surely make you eager to pack your bags and set sail.

Castaway Club members of the Silver tier will be treated to a stylish ‘Sea Bag,’ perfect for carrying on their adventures. This bag features straps, so it can be worn as a backpack, making it both stylish and practical for all your cruising needs.

For those in the Gold tier, your membership just got a little sweeter! In addition to the Sea Bag, you’ll also receive a handy wet/dry bag, ensuring you stay organized whether splashing in the waves or exploring ports of call.

Now, Platinum members are in for a real treat. You’ll enjoy both the Silver and Gold gifts, but that’s not all. Included in your exclusive bundle is a Maiden Voyage towel that cleverly doubles as a game for the youngsters. It’s an inventive way to keep the little ones entertained, complete with game pieces!

The gifts keep getting better for Pearl Castaway Club members. You’ll receive all the items mentioned above, along with a chic travel accessory bag graced with the delightful images of Captain Mickey Mouse and Captain Minnie Mouse. It’s the perfect keepsake to remember your magical journey.

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For more details, [click here](https://dclfan.com/disney-cruise-ships/sneak-peek-at-castaway-club-gifts-for-disney-treasure-inaugural-season/) to check out the complete scoop on DCLFan.com. Safe travels and happy sailing, everyone!