PICT1803 Ever notice these clever and whimsical little fellas who “work” to keep the popcorn poppin? They have been inside the Popcorn wagons; some for well over 30 years… are the direct creation of the Walt Disney Studios! They are each featured in their respective ‘lands’ … Of course, Harold the Yeti has been around as one of the youngest, and the Main Street wagon displays a strange touch on his costume… yes, a moustache!! Long before the appearance guidelines permitted beards or facial hair!!

Their ‘wardrobe’ is cared for by some meticulous hands, and if they should become work weary, they get all freshened up just like Woody in Toy Story II! They are one of a kind, and some kids stand and watch them ‘grind it out’ as its own form ofentertainment!!

Sometimes you will see the Rocketeer in Tomorrowland, and on occasion, you may find Big Al churning in Critter Country, he has been there since ‘back in the day’ of Bear Country. In Frontierland, you may find a Davy Crockett sort of fella from time to time, churning out the buttery hot popcorn, too!

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know who may “pop up”!