There’s something scrumptious coming to Disney Parks and you can use it to purchase practically all things Disney! If you’ve ever had a Mickey Ice Cream Bar to cool off at Walt Disney World Resort or at Disneyland Resort, you can now get one that doesn’t melt in the summer sun. This new Disney Gift Card design is only available at the parks, but, just like all Disney Gift Cards, it can be redeemed at Disney Destinations nationwide for anything from theme park tickets to a sweet treat!

Activate your Disney Gift Card with as little as $15 and use it to add fun and convenience to your Disney Parks vacation. Perhaps you want to give your little ones (or yourself!) a snack budget; a Disney Gift Card gives them the freedom to pay for the snack or souvenir they want, while giving them a “cool” keepsake of their trip! Disney Gift Cards are reloadable up to $1,000 and never expire, so feel free to use your remaining balance to shop at the Disney Store or on the Shop Disney Parks app when you return home, or save your Disney Gift Cards until your next Disney Parks vacation!