The Disneyland Resort announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with its largest labor unions for a minimum wage rate increase of 40 percent within two years. This will put cast members represented by Master Services Council at $15 per hour by 2019, which will be one of the highest minimum wages in the country. This agreement, benefitting approximately 9,700 cast members, is one of the most aggressive entry-level offers in the country and demonstrates Disney’s commitment to its valued cast members.

“Disneyland Resort has long taken pride in providing an exceptional employee experience, and this agreement sets a new bar with minimum wages that are among the highest in the country. Our unprecedented offer shows our commitment and care for our cast members and is the largest increase in our history,” said Josh D’Amaro, president, Disneyland Resort. “Our cast members are at the heart of making our guests’ dreams come true and this meaningful pay increase reflects the valuable roles they play at the resort.”

The agreement represents one of the most substantial wage increases in the history of Disneyland Resort, with non-tipped cast members seeing an immediate 20 percent jump in pay. As of Jan. 1, 2019, when minimum rates rise to $15 per hour, an individual full-time non-tipped cast member who is at the current minimum could begin earning an additional $8,000 per year.

Disneyland Resort’s investment in its cast and its business continues to drive significant growth and generate substantial economic impact. Over the last decade, resort employment numbers have increased by 50 percent, adding 10,000 more cast members for a total of 30,000 cast members, making Disneyland Resort the largest employer in Orange County. These investments have also created nearly 2,000 construction jobs since 2016. Additionally, the resort’s focus on training and career development opportunities has seen 89 percent of entry-level parks leadership roles filled by hourly cast members over the last five years.

Since 1955, Disneyland has been a positive force in Orange County, and this new contract with Master Services Council reinforces the resort’s commitment to being a leading employer and economic engine in Anaheim and the greater Orange County community.

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