Springtime is in the air and on the ground here at Disneyland park, and again this year I am totally blown away by the blossoms. The Disneyland Resort horticulture team has been out in full-force – planting, pruning and perfecting the seasonal landscape. Take a look backstage at the Disneyland Resort nursery, where the team prepares plants for their day in the sun.

Disneyland Resort Horticulture Team Fun Facts

  • The Horticulture team consists of approximately 100 cast members.
  • The cast members have expertise in the following disciplines: landscape design, installation and maintenance, arboriculture, landscape irrigation, landscape design, integrated pest management, and project management.
  • Ninety percent of the Horticulture workforce works third shift, beginning at 2 a.m.
  • All of the arborists at the Disneyland Resort are either certified arborists or certified tree workers.