Everyone’s always “fishing” to see what’s next in the world of candy making at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts! Do I have the catch of the day for you! Debuting May 22, in celebration of the release of the highly anticipated Disney animated film, “Finding Dory,” are what I consider very special treats. Our talented team of candy makers has been hard at work perfecting gourmet apples inspired by the loveable clown fish Nemo and the always unforgettable Dory. How’d they do it? Lucky for you, I didn’t have to bait them to get the inside scoop.

‘Finding Dory’ and Nemo Treats are Off the Hook at Disney Parks

You’ll find that the Nemo apple has been dipped in caramel, enrobed in white chocolate and then delicately rolled in orange and white sanding sugar, with uniquely cut and dipped marshmallows applied for his fins. Add a few dark chocolate accents for the striping and he’s ready to swim off in your direction.

‘Finding Dory’ and Nemo Treats are Off the Hook at Disney Parks

What about Dory? I couldn’t forget about this delicious treat. The apple has been dipped in caramel and white chocolate and rolled in blue sanding sugar. The fins are once again crafted from marshmallows that are dipped in chocolate and rolled in yellow sanding sugar. Add on a few dark chocolate accents in all the right places, and I guarantee you’ll need a boat to take all of the apples back home with you.

I’m still reeling at how adorable these treats are! You’ll find them at the following locations:

Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney World Resort

Have I lured you to try these new treats? Swim in on your next visit, and try them for yourself!