Enjoying the magic of Disneyland Resort is a family affair, and not just for our guests. With Mother’s Day right around the corner – and Father’s Day not far behind – we wanted to introduce a few of the cast members who have pixie dust sprinkled throughout their family tree.

“Ever since my children were small, Disneyland was a place to have family time and make lasting memories. That is when I decided that I wanted to work for a place that created so much magic. This attitude trickled down to both of my sons, who remember our time here and also wanted to help create memories for other families. In fact, my sister works here, too, as does her husband and their son! We all enjoy not only working here but still coming as a family and continuing to create memories.”

    – Jessica Torres (Currency Operations); her son, Fernando Torres (Carnation Café); her sister, Mara Vidaurri (Tomorrowland Stores); Mara’s husband, Federico Vidaurri (Night Custodial); and their son, Alejandro Vidaurri (Candy Maker).

“My Disney career started when I was 20 years old, dancing in a show called ‘One Man’s Dream’ for Tokyo Disneyland. After I returned from Tokyo, ‘One Man’s Dream’ opened at Disneyland park, and that was the gateway for my performing in several stage shows at the resort. While performing in shows, I had an opportunity to assist choreographing ‘Mickey’s Nutcracker’ and that led to my position as a choreographer for the company for 23 years now – a dream job. Of all the many shows and events I have been a part of, I truly enjoy choreographing parades. I love working with the parade performers – they are some of the most dedicated, talented, hard working dancers I have ever worked with. I also love watching the reaction of guests and helping to create a memorable experience for them. My most recent project was the reopening of the Main Street Electrical Parade this past January and I was honored to be a part of recreating that Disney legacy. Now, I have the pleasure of watching my 19-year-old daughter dance in this parade and be part of Disney history!”

    – Tracy Halas (Choreographer) and daughter Justine Halas (Parade Performer)

“My Dad, Jimmy, has worked in Entertainment around the resort for many years, and I got the pleasure to join him in February 2016. Working alongside him as a dresser for parades has taught us both about the hard work that goes into each role. His reputation precedes him, as many fellow dressers and performers gush about his humor and kindness when they find out he is my dad. I love being able to share magic moments with him as we tell each other stories of our days at work.”

    – Millie Graham (Entertainment Costuming) with dad Jimmy Graham (Entertainment)