Mickey’s Fun Wheel Machinist at the Disneyland Resort

In this episode of “Every Role a Starring Role,” you’ll meet Kat Powell, a Machinist at Mickey’s Fun Wheel in Disney California Adventure park. Kat completed a four-year machinist training program through Fullerton College, funded by the Disneyland Resort, which allowed her to pursue an advanced certificate while working on one of her favorite attractions. Kat now works after hours with her fellow maintenance professionals, maintaining the iconic Ferris wheel at the center of Paradise Pier!

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Avid fan of Disney and especially Walt's original park, Disneyland! Love to share the passion with others and help bring a little magic into their lives.

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1925 Alice's Egg Plant released
1940 Billposters (starring Donald Duck) released
1950 Award winning lyricist Howard Ashman born. He would co-write songs for Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast
1962 Bon Voyage released
1991 Walt Disney World's Port Orleans Resort opened
2002 Mike's New Car, a short animation featuring the stars of Monsters Inc, was given a very limited theatrical release. This qualified it for academy award voting
2004 Walt Disney World's Saratoga Springs resort officially opened