Economists from Cal State Fullerton’s Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting released a study on Friday detailing Disneyland Resort’s economic impact on the local economy in 2018. The study estimates that the investment by Disneyland Resort creates $8.5 billion in economic activity, a 50 percent increase since 2013, and 78,000 jobs throughout Southern California.

According to the Woods Center, Disneyland Resort guests’ offsite spending at local businesses – including hotels, restaurants and retailers – totaled $2.5 billion. The Woods Center also credits the resort, its employees, visitors and supporting third-party businesses with generating nearly $510 million in state and local tax revenue, including $162 million going directly to Anaheim’s General Fund. 

The Resort’s impact on jobs in Southern California has grown at a 7.2 percent average annual rate since 2013, surpassing the rate of job growth in the same region. Disneyland Resort generates more than 78,000 jobs in Southern California. More than 57,000 of those jobs, or nearly 75 percent, are in Orange County and account for 3.6 percent of all jobs in Orange County. 

“Tourism is one of the major and growing segments of the economy as consumers shift more of their spending to leisure activities. Disneyland Resort has shown phenomenal growth,” said Dr. Anil Puri, director of the Woods Center. “Disneyland Resort also plays an important role in propelling the economy forward through programs like Disney Aspire, a free education program, and other programs offering skills for economic mobility and advancement.”