Even when the temperature rises, the fun continues at the Disneyland Resort! Warmer weather means rethinking your fashion strategy, so we asked Disney fashion expert Leslie Kay – creator of the Tumblr blog, DisneyBound – to share her tips and ideas for how to look great and stay cool at the theme parks.

  • Keep it simple! Pick a character that doesn’t require a lot of layering. Characters that work well with color blocking will be your best friend on a hot day.

  • Pick a character with a hat! Wide-brimmed hats become your own personal bit of shade.

  • Add sunglasses! Whether they are a direct accessory to the character or just a complimentary piece—sunglasses are a necessity on hot, sunny days.
  • Dress comfortably! Make sure you are comfortable and confident. Don’t worry so much about the accuracy of your DisneyBound on hot days.

Show off your summer Disney style on your next visit to the Disneyland Resort!