Exciting news from the whimsical world of Disney Games! In a strategic move sure to enchant fans and gamers alike, Disney Games has welcomed three seasoned veterans from Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Marvel Games to its leadership team. This significant shakeup comes on the heels of Disney’s recent collaboration with Epic Games to create a groundbreaking “games and entertainment universe.”

First up, let’s give a warm welcome to Ray Gresko, who steps in as the Senior Vice President of Product and Development. Ray brings nearly 30 years of industry prowess, having co-led the development of Overwatch and Diablo 3 at Blizzard. Fun fact: Ray began his illustrious career at LucasArts as the lead programmer for the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Dark Forces series. Now at Disney, he will be closely working with Epic Games to weave his magic into this new universe.

Next, Bjorn Tornqvist, hailing from Ubisoft, joins as the Vice President of Games Technology. Bjorn has a knack for multiplayer technologies, thanks to his work on The Division and Just Dance Now. He also had a hand in founding Ubisoft’s digital games publishing platform. With Bjorn in tow, Disney is poised to elevate its multiplayer gaming experiences to new heights.

Completing the trio, we have Jay Ong, who has led the Marvel Games team for over a decade. Jay takes on the role of overseeing Disney’s global games licensing business, leveraging his previous experience at Blizzard, EA Sports, and Xbox. With Jay’s expertise, fans can look forward to an even richer tapestry of Disney-themed gaming adventures.

Disney Games’ head honcho, Sean Shoptaw, who was recently promoted to Executive Vice President, expressed his optimism under the new leadership dynamic. Tasia Filippatos, President of Disney Consumer Products, noted, “Under the leadership of Sean and Jay, Disney’s games business is perfectly positioned to deliver world-class storytelling in this medium.”

Disney’s plush partnership with Epic Games, announced earlier this year, has seen Disney acquiring a $1.5 billion stake in the Fortnite creator. The vision is to create an Unreal Engine-powered universe interoperable with Fortnite, where fans can play, watch, shop, and dive deep into content from across Disney’s iconic franchises.

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