Mickey’s magical world of video games continues to enchant and thrill, and our latest stop at EPCOT filled us with even more Disney joy! After our magical adventure in Animal Kingdom learning about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, we set our sights on a high-octane experience with Disney Speedstorm at the iconic EPCOT.

Disney Speedstorm, a Mario Kart-esque racing game, is Disney’s free-to-play thrill ride where you can race beloved Disney and Pixar characters through electrifying tracks that bring movie settings to life! There amidst the futuristic grandeur of EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth, we discovered the latest additions to the racer lineup: Joy and Anxiety from Inside Out 2, adding layers of emotional fun to the speedway!

Visiting EPCOT, we not only played Speedstorm but also immersed ourselves in the Disney magic that the game recreates so well. As I raced through Beast’s Enchanted Castle in Speedstorm, memories of dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom flooded back. It’s this unique synergy that the game masterfully captures – the allure of our favorite Disney locales matched with fast-paced, heart-pumping racing action.

Our gaming escapade continued high above in the GM Lounge overlooking the Test Track ride, itself a thrilling compliment to Speedstorm with its winding tracks and velocity. But the magic didn’t end there. Whether it was the futuristic thrill of Tron Lightcycle Run or the intergalactic wonder of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – which, seriously, if you haven’t ridden yet, is beyond amazing – Disney World’s rides and Speedstorm are like two peas in a magical pod, feeding off each other’s energy and excitement.

While Speedstorm can’t replicate the physical thrills of a ride, its beautifully crafted tracks and beloved characters offer a digital escape that evokes the same childhood glee. Plus, no long lines or Florida’s infamous heat! And trust me, with every short, fast-paced race, you’ll want to dive right back in, just like jumping back in line for your favorite ride.

Wrapping up our journey with three parks, countless rides, and unforgettable gaming experiences, it’s clear why Disney parks are a living tribute to Disney games. Stay tuned for our final adventure as we explore Hollywood Studios’ Galaxy’s Edge and dive into the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws game. So, have you played Disney Speedstorm yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts and racing tips in the comments below – and don’t forget to share this magical journey with your friends!

Make sure to check out the original source over at Nerdist and give a shoutout to Michael Walsh for the fantastic narrative that made this journey possible.

Happy racing, fellow Disney fans!