In the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Matryoshka Dolls play a pivotal role—but they can be quite elusive. These charming collectibles spawn randomly across various locations in the game, making their discovery an exciting hunt for players.

Players have reported finding these dolls in spots like the Plaza behind Scrooge’s store, near the dream well in Frosted Heights, and even managed to scoop up a couple in the same area. While randomness dictates the hunt, each player’s journey to find these dolls will be unique. Finding the first Matryoshka Doll triggers the “Something Comes A’Knocking” quest, a friendship journey with Merlin. But before embarking on this quest, ensure you’ve completed a few tasks with The Fairy Godmother and have reached at least friendship level 2.

Only four Matryoshka Dolls are needed to unlock the iconic Jack Skellington in the game. These dolls should be brought to the Forgotten Lands, where you’ll find a mysterious brown tree with a Jack-O-Lantern carved into it. If you’ve explored this biome and built Goofy’s Stall, the tree shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Place the dolls around the tree, and watch as it transforms, beckoning Jack Skellington into your Valley.

After placing all four dolls, the dynamic pumpkin tree will induce Jack’s grand entry as a new Villager. From this point, you can delve into Jack Skellington’s unique quests and unlock his exclusive rewards, adding another layer of magic to your Disney Dreamlight Valley experience.

The steps to complete the “Something Comes A’Knocking” quest are straightforward. Begin by finding all four Matryoshka Dolls, usually starting in the Plaza. Next, place the dolls in the enchanted pumpkin tree in the Forgotten Lands, and welcome Jack by constructing his house for 5,000 Star Coins.

Engage in this captivating journey and let us know your experiences in the comments below. Did you find the dolls in any unexpected locations? Share your story and tips with fellow players, and don’t forget to follow the comprehensive guides on Mickey News for the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley adventures! For more delightful tips, check out our guide on easy 5-star meals to whip up in the game. Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now—happy questing!

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