Hong Kong Disneyland Resort recently opened one of the most immersive resort hotels we’ve ever created – Disney Explorers Lodge. In addition to the amazing décor and guest amenities, the food and beverage offerings have guests in Hong Kong telling us their stay was unlike anything else they’ve experienced.

So for all of you thirsty for adventure and hungry for discovery, I wanted to share a closer look at the three new eateries serving up more than 500 incredible dishes inside Disney Explorers Lodge, which celebrated its grand opening at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in May. Legend has it that a stouthearted band of explorers founded this locale and each restaurant celebrates a culture experienced during their lifetime of travels. All of the restaurants share an innovative central kitchen design concept, showcasing the freshness of the ingredients and the skills of the chefs for all guests to see. Without further ado, here’s a culinary tour around the Lodge.

Our first stop is Dragon Wind, a restaurant that relies on ancient knowledge to prepare rural and classical Provincial Chinese fare, with treasures from the explorers’ journeys on the Silk Road adorning the space. Honoring the art of Feng Shui, the kitchen has five stations to reflect the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Try out the delicious dim sum meal here among the company of Disney friends in their exploration-themed costumes as part of a Character Buffet.

Next on our tour is the World of Color Restaurant. This colorful eatery serves “world cuisine” with a taste of new and old worlds from across the Seas, Islands and Continents. You can even watch the food prepared fresh from the nearby open kitchen. The food is delicious (we highly recommend the Explorers Paella and Yuzu Crème Brulee) and incredible aromas from the nearby herb garden waft through the space, immersing you in the rich fragrance of lavender, rosemary and lemongrass.

The last stop on our tour is the Chart Room Cafe, a perfect place to enjoy a continental breakfast, salads and sandwiches, or made-to-order pastas. The peaceful atmosphere plays host to eclectic artifacts from around the world, and if you look up you’ll notice the lighting fixture of constellations, which are used by explorers to find their way during long sea voyages.

All three of these restaurants offer epic dining adventures, not to mention 30 signature beverages created exclusively for Disney Explorers Lodge. From traditional comfort foods to the new and exotic, there is something for everyone to enjoy during their stay. If sweets are more your style, there are also delicious options that can be found at the Lodge: “Dream” and “Explorer.” You can choose from options like the suitcase-shaped Traveler (Coffee Chocolate Cake) and binocular-shaped Explorer (Exotic Fruit Mousse Cake). Or try the local delicacy – a pineapple bun in the shape of Mickey.

Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to try at the Lodge and what your favorite meal is across Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.