We all have our favorites in the world of Disney magic, but sometimes, it feels like even the Disney team could use a pinch of pixie dust. In this rundown, we’re diving into what has been dubbed as the top 20 worst live-action Disney movies according to WatchMojo. These films are often remembered for the cringe, the boredom, or just the plain missteps that left audiences spellbound for all the wrong reasons.

Topping the list with a great sigh of disappointment is “A Wrinkle in Time.” Despite its star-studded cast and dazzling visuals, the movie somehow managed to get tangled in its own narrative wrinkles, leaving viewers scratching their heads more than anything else. Another head-scratcher is “Artemis Fowl.” Fans had long awaited this adaptation, but its release was more of a fumble than a touchdown, lacking the spark that made the books unforgettable.

Classics like “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Dumbo” also made the, shall we say, less magical cut. “Alice” stumbled with its convoluted plot and muddled character arcs, while “Dumbo,” despite the charm of its source material, couldn’t quite take flight in the hearts of audiences. And let’s not forget “Peter Pan and Wendy,” which aimed for Neverland but seemed to veer off course into Never-Remember.

For those nostalgic about our childhood icons, “Inspector Gadget” proved that some things are better left animated, and “Mr. Magoo” taught us that not all classic comedies translate well to modern sensibilities. Sadly, even “Pinocchio,” with its timeless tale, found its live-action remake plagued by wooden performances.

While Disney’s enchantment usually hits the mark, these movies remind us that even the House of Mouse can sometimes produce more squeaks than roars.

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