There are so many Hidden Mickeys in Zootopia, that the film’s directors Rich Moore and Byron Howard don’t even know where they all are. “I probably know the tip of the iceberg of Hidden Mickeys,” Moore revealed in a recent interview with E! News.

In terms of Hidden Mickeys and other Disney Easter Eggs, Howard discussed the idea of “plussing,” which occurs when a film is passed from script to storyboard. “Every time it passes to new hands, it should get better and better,” he explained in the same interview. “The Hidden Mickeys, in a way, are sort of an example of that. It’s people who care enough to kind of put a little extra into the scene to make it a bit more fun, or say, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to make these two little elephants dressed as Anna and Elsa from Frozen walking around?’”

Despite not knowing where all the Hidden Mickeys are throughout the film, Howard and Moore were able to disclose the location of the following five:

1. In a cluster of spots on Benjamin Clawhauser’s face:

Zootopia Benjamin Clawhauser Hidden Mickey

2. On the tip of a pen in the police station bullpen:

Zootopia Hidden Mickey Pen

3. On a plank of wood in the Rainforest District:

Zootopia Hidden Mickey on Wood Plank

4. As a doll in a stroller:

Zootopia Hidden Mickey Doll

5. As a marshmallow in Clawhauser’s cereal:

Zootopia Hidden Mickey in Cereal

We also spotted a couple more Hidden Mickeys, ourselves. Check them out below:

1. As a formation made up of Assistant Mayor Bellwether’s bell necklace and polka dot shirt:

Zootopia Hidden Mickey on Bellwether

2. On the car dashboard of Mr. Manchas’s car:

Zootopia Car Dashboard Hidden Mickey

Zootopia comes to Blu-ray, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere next Tuesday, June 7.