A Spectacular Surprise: Club 33 Opens Its Doors to All Disney Fans – But There’s a Twist!

In an absolutely thrilling announcement, The Walt Disney Company’s most coveted and mysterious venue, Club 33, is about to become accessible to every Disney enthusiast, breaking from tradition in a truly magical manner.

For those unfamiliar, Club 33 is a fabled sanctuary for Disneyland VIPs and invited guests, nestled in New Orleans Square since June 1967. Additional Club 33 locations are scattered across Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, and various lounges in Walt Disney World. The allure of this exclusive club, with its elite access and stringent membership requirements, including a rumored entrance fee of $25,000 followed by $10,000 annually, has intrigued fans for decades.

However, in a move that captured the imagination of Disney buffs everywhere, The Walt Disney Company recently shared with The Hollywood Reporter that a new live-action whodunnit-style movie centered around Club 33 is in the works. Imagine a young, aspiring detective invited into the enigmatic Club 33, now filled with the greatest figures from history, all in a thrilling race against time to solve a murder mystery!

Behind this ambitious project is Darren Lemke, scribe of “Goosebumps” and “Shazam!” securing the magic of the screenplay, while the production comes under the seasoned expertise of Shawn Levy and his 21 Laps Entertainment, known for hits like “Stranger Things.” This new venture promises to blend the enchanting tone of “Clue” with the adventurous spirit of “Night at the Museum,” ensuring every Disney fan gets a taste of the Club 33 magic.

This latest addition to Disney’s slate is set to dazzle fans, joining the ranks of renowned theme park attraction-inspired adaptations like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series and the more recent “Jungle Cruise” with Dwayne Johnson. So, the big question looms – will this imaginative, murder mystery tale become Disney’s next cinematic treasure?

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