Get ready to blast off, Disney fans! The purple carpet was rolled out this weekend for the highly anticipated premiere of “Big City Greens The Movie: Spacecation.” This event, held just days before the film’s official debut on Disney Channel and Disney+, brought together the star-studded cast and creative team for a night of celebration.

Among the attendees were the masterminds behind the series, brothers Shane and Chris Houghton. Both serve as creators and executive producers, with Chris also voicing the lovable Cricket Green. The duo couldn’t contain their excitement about bringing their hit series to the big screen. “It’s surreal,” Chris shared with a grin, admitting that seeing their creation evolve into a full-length feature film was a dream come true.

The directing helm for this adventure was taken by Anna O’Brian, who also found time to voice Cookie, a new character introduced in the movie. Anna spoke about the challenge and thrill of expanding the series’ universe into an hour-plus saga. Meredith Roberts, Executive Vice President of Disney TV Animation, also shared some insights on the future of the series and expressed her pride in the Houghtons’ continued success.

Voice actress Marieve Herington, who brings Tilly Green to life, discussed the nuances that went into evolving her character’s voice for the feature. She humorously touched on the need for a sequel and even shared some offbeat love for Cheesecake Factory’s bread service—because why not?

Rounding out our interviews were cast members Artemis Pebdani (Gramma Alice), Bob Joles (Bill Green), and Anna Akana (Gloria Sato). Each shared unique insights about their characters and the joy of seeing their animated family take on new heights. Bob Joles couldn’t resist a little humor as he sported a Seven Dwarfs tie, a nod to his role as Sneezy in the classic films.

To cap the evening, we had intriguing chats with Zeno Robinson (Remy Remington), Andy Daly (Officer Keys), and Disney Channel icon Raven Symone, who plays Maria Media. Each revealed how their roles in “Spacecation” brought something fresh and exciting to their careers, with Raven remarking on the cross-generational appeal of “Big City Greens.”

“Big City Greens The Movie: Spacecation” is set to premiere on Disney Channel on June 6th at 8:00 PM, followed by a release on Disney+ on June 7th. Don’t miss out on this cosmic adventure, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below! Did you catch the purple carpet interviews? What are your predictions for this space-bound escapade? Let’s keep the conversation going and make sure your friends don’t miss out by sharing this story far and wide!