Chris Pratt voices the iconic, lasagna-loving feline in “The Garfield Movie,” set to hit theaters this Friday. Alongside Garfield’s usual antics and love for food, the film introduces an exciting plot twist featuring his reunion with his father, Vic, who is voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. This promises to be a delightful change for fans eager to see Garfield and his loyal canine sidekick Odie embark on a laughter-filled outdoor adventure!

Other notable stars lending their voices to this animation include Hannah Waddingham, Nicholas Hoult, and Cecily Strong, enriching the film with their talent and charm.

Disney enthusiasts, here’s where you can catch “The Garfield Movie”: for now, the only way is to head to your nearest theater starting May 24. You can easily locate a screening via Fandango. For those who prefer watching from home, you may have to wait a bit. The movie will eventually be available for digital purchase or rental on platforms like Vudu, Apple, YouTube, and Amazon. Moreover, it is expected to hit streaming services Netflix and Disney+ after its theatrical run.

Due to a deal inked between Sony Pictures Releasing and Netflix, all Sony theatrical releases since 2022 eventually make their way to Netflix. If “The Garfield Movie” follows the timeline of other Sony releases like “Thanksgiving,” it may arrive on Netflix around late August 2024.

Furthermore, Disney’s agreement with Sony Pictures Releasing allows Disney platforms eventual access to Sony releases following an initial period on Netflix. This means “The Garfield Movie” will find a home on Disney+ too, though fans should be prepared for a bit of a wait before it arrives there.

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