Daisy Ridley, beloved by many for bringing Rey to life in the “Star Wars” saga, stars in a new critically acclaimed film that just hit theaters. However, you might not have heard much about “Young Woman and the Sea.” That’s because Disney opted for a more subdued release strategy, believing in the film’s potential for awards rather than box office glory. Interestingly, the studio has chosen not to share box office numbers at all, a surprising move for a company that once dominated the theatrical landscape.

Disney’s low-key approach with “Young Woman and the Sea” is quite a departure from its usual fanfare. Instead, it seems they have their eyes set on the glittering trophies of awards season. Rather than releasing it directly on Disney+, where it was initially planned to debut, the studio gave the movie a short theatrical run to qualify for accolades. Despite the limited push, the film is catching the eyes of critics and audiences alike, boasting an impressive 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and a stunning 98% audience score.

Directed by Joachim Rønning, “Young Woman and the Sea” tells the inspiring true story of Trudy Ederle, portrayed by Ridley. Ederle became the first woman to swim across the English Channel in the 1920s. The film features a stellar cast including Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Stephen Graham, Kim Bodnia, Christopher Eccleston, and Glenn Fleshler. Initially a project with Paramount, Disney acquired the rights in 2020, likely seeing the story’s heartwarming and empowering potential.

Despite the under-the-radar release, industry insiders are buzzing. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed at CinemaCon that the film is the highest testing of his career—a significant accolade from a legend in the industry. Given the current cinema landscape, original dramas, especially those without a genre hook, frequently struggle to capture massive box office numbers. Films like “The Iron Claw” and A24’s “Past Lives” have carved out exceptions, but “Young Woman and the Sea” might just join that list, albeit via a different path.

As things stand, Disney’s strategy appears to be working. While it’s still a mystery how many tickets “Young Woman and the Sea” sold over its opening weekend, estimates place it around $500,000—a modest showing, but not the endgame for this film. The true goal lies in turning this theatrical run into golden statues later this year.

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