With the magical world of emotions returning to the big screen, Disney and Pixar are ready to introduce a new character just in time for the summer. As audiences eagerly anticipate the release of **Inside Out 2**, a brand-new emotion has been revealed. In the latest TV spot, Disney gave us a glimpse of “Nostalgia,” adding a fresh layer to Riley’s complex emotional landscape as she navigates her tumultuous teenage years.

In this delightful sequel, Riley is not just growing up; she’s welcoming an array of new emotions. Fans of the original may remember Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. Now, Riley’s headspace is getting even more crowded with characters like Anxiety, Ennui, Embarrassment, and Envy. With just a few weeks left before its theatrical debut on June 14, Disney decided it was the perfect time to reveal Nostalgia in an amusing 30-second clip.

Voiced by the iconic June Squibb, Nostalgia makes her grand entrance by walking into Riley’s mind’s command center, reminiscing about the ‘good old days.’ In an endearing twist, she repeats the same action just moments later, much to the bemusement of new character Ennui, highlighting her whimsical charm and tendency to dwell on the past.

Nostalgia’s warmth is perfectly captured in the promotional material released earlier this year, featuring her distinctive look—white hair, glasses, and a comforting cup of tea. She embodies the sweet sentimentality and yearning for bygone times, a feeling many of us can relate to.

This latest TV spot for **Inside Out 2** promises a blend of nostalgia, humor, and heartfelt moments, staying true to the spirit of its predecessor. With a cast of ten unique emotions, including five new ones, the film is set to explore Riley’s teenage journey in a rich and textured way.

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For more details and updates, be sure to check out the full TV spot and additional revelations about the film’s exciting new emotions. Can’t wait to see how Riley’s story unfolds? Neither can we!