Disney and Pixar are sending audiences an extraordinary message about their trust in their upcoming film, *Inside Out 2*, by granting it an unprecedented 100-day theatrical window before hitting the streaming platform. Nearly a decade after the original *Inside Out* captivated our hearts, we are finally set to reunite with Riley and her colorful array of emotions on June 14. This sequel promises to explore the tumultuous emotional landscape of Riley’s teenage years, including new feelings like Anxiety, Ennui, and Envy. Returning in their iconic role as Joy is Amy Poehler, joined by the new voices of Ayo Edibiri and Maya Hawke, among others.

In an era where the gap between theatrical and streaming releases is shrinking, this decision is a bold statement from Disney. Pixar’s president recently discussed the studio’s commitment to retraining audiences to appreciate films on the big screen, especially after the pandemic saw major releases like *Soul*, *Luca*, and *Turning Red* going straight to Disney+. This robust theatrical run for *Inside Out 2* suggests the studio firmly believes in the film’s cinematic magic and box office potential.

Fans on social media are already buzzing with anticipation, praising Pixar’s confidence and commitment to the traditional theatre experience. Users point out that this could cultivate a lasting positive impact on how future films are distributed. Jim Morris, Pixar’s President, told Bloomberg, “I hope that we will not release another feature film on Disney+. If we do more stuff for Disney+, it should be a series.” Clearly, the focus is on maintaining a distinct boundary between theatrical releases and streaming content.

The excitement is palpable, not just among audiences but within the Disney-Pixar corridors. This 100-day window is a move unheard of in recent times, especially post-pandemic, where films like *Lightyear* and *Elemental* saw significantly shorter theatrical runs. This step could signify a turning point in how we consume cinematic content in a post-pandemic world.

Disney and Pixar are not just banking on the film’s success but are also embracing a broader vision to reignite the thrill of the theater-going experience. With this bold move, they’re sending a powerful message about the value and magic of the big screen that we’ve all missed.

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