In an exciting affirmation of Disney’s ongoing dedication to the magic of the silver screen, Jan Koeppen, President of The Walt Disney Company EMEA, has underscored the corporation’s unwavering support for theatrical releases. Speaking at the Deloitte and Enders Analysis Media & Telecoms 2024 and Beyond Conference in London, Koeppen emphasized Disney’s “belief in the importance of theatrical distribution,” stating, “Everyone at Disney loves movies, and we love to make them big.”

Koeppen highlighted the incredible legacy of Disney films, using the monumental success of “The Lion King” as a prime example. Since the film’s grand debut 30 years ago, its impact has echoed far beyond cinemas with a thriving Broadway show and several adaptations, demonstrating Disney’s knack for creating lasting cultural phenomena. This longevity not only cements Disney’s commitment to delivering unforgettable big-screen experiences but also showcases the lasting connections these stories create with audiences globally.

Moreover, Koeppen shared insights into Disney’s vast entertainment repertoire. The company is adeptly balancing its traditional theatrical releases with linear television offerings, ensuring fans have manifold avenues to enjoy their favorite stories. He also mentioned the premiering of “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story,” a highly anticipated docuseries that has swiftly become the leading unscripted series in the UK, exemplifying Disney’s versatile content creation.

Continuing to underline the importance of diverse storytelling platforms, Koeppen hinted at future projects that would resonate across various media. Disney’s strategy remains focused on integrating compelling narratives with innovative distribution channels, reaffirming its role as a powerhouse in global entertainment.

As Disney forges ahead, the enthusiasm among its creative and executive teams promises a vibrant future for both traditional and new-age cinematic experiences. Whether it’s through the grandeur of the theatrical screen or the convenience of home streaming, Disney is set to enchant audiences in multifaceted ways.

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